Permanent Make Up and Microblating


Wake up with makeup.  Ideal for people with sensitivities to make up or trouble seeing when putting on makeup.   Enhance your beautiful features with our vegetable die cosmetic tattoo.  Our technician has over 24 years experience in the Permanent Make Up Industry.  Get soft, natural and lasting results.  We use high quality colour pigment which stay true to colour.  Ensuring lasting true colour for years.  


Our high standard of practice and infection control sets us apart from all the rest. 


Call us to schedule a free consultation to determine the look you want and pricing.  Since everyone’s facial features are different prices will vary from person to person.

​Microblation Eyebrows                            from   $600

Eyebrows                                                  from   $400

Eye Liner Top                                                      $250

Eye Liner                                                             $250

Eye Liner Top and Bottom                                  $400


Lip Liner        (Top and Bottom)              from    $350

Full lip (incl. liner) procedure                              $450-550



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